Fundación COPEC-UC is a strategic alliance between Empresas Copec and the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile, created in 2002, with the objective of promoting scientific and technological development in the country.



Fundación Copec-UC fully supports the development of applied research, accompanying the research team in all stages of the development of the R&D project. This support is provided by senior executives of Empresas Copec and outstanding academics from the Pontificia Universidad Católica, who make up the Advisory Board, the Commercial Committee and the various Support Committees, in addition to the work of the Executive team of the FCUC.

Its mission is to promote research and the development of solutions that respond to problems relevant to society.

Foster and support
applied research

for the generation of value in the Natural Resources sector.

Disseminate advances
in science and technology

in the field of Natural Resources in the national community.

Promote the creation of
strategic strategies

promote the creation of strategic strategies

To fulfill its mission, Fundación Copec-UC carries out a series of activities that are framed in three lines of action:

R&D to Innovate Contest and Apply your Idea Contest for higher education students.

Dissemination activities.

Which consists of a fund for the industrial scaling of innovative projects based on technological developments.