Fundación COPEC-UC contributes to the work of R+D+i with an international activity that addresses issues related to science and technology.

Nanotechnology: New opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship

With the participation of authorities, Chilean and foreign experts, as well as representatives of the academic and business community, Copec-UC Foundation held its 10th International Seminar, called “Nanotechnology: New opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurship”. The activity was headed by Roberto Angelini, Fundación Copec-UC chairman; Ignacio Sánchez, deputy chairman of the institution; and Dr. Francisco Brieva, president of the National Commission of Scientific and Technological Research (Conicyt).

For this International Seminar edition, Copec-UC Foundation decided to address a discipline with great potential to contribute to the country challenge of creating progressive value over natural resources: nanotechnology, which focuses on the management of matter at the atomic, molecular scale and supramolecular. Among the experts convened by the Foundation for the Seminar, were doctors Javier García Martínez, co-founder of Rive Technology Inc. and director of the Nanotechnology Laboratory at the University of Alicante; Omid Farokhzad, associate professor at the Harvard Medical School, director of the Nanomedicine and Biomaterials Laboratory at Brigham and Women’s Hospital and co-founder of BIND Therapeutics; and José Cubillo, director of advanced materials of Acciona Infrastructure and coordinator of the European Project “New Advanced Insulation Phase Change Materials” NANOPCM.


Javier García Nanotecnología, cimentando un futuro sorprendente y el caso Rive Technology